About us

CEO OptimaSys

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO Geert Rillaerts, Belgian national who has lived in several countries in- and outside of Europe, currently residing in Southern Spain, started OptimaSys in 2009 and is currently still the driving force behind the expansions and internationalization of the company, currently counting 23 persons.

Geert brings a wealth of international business experience through his career at SAP in Europe and in the USA, after which he converted himself into a Real Estate investor, project developer and commercialisation expert.

Geert's stats:

Languages spoken fluently: English - Spanish - French - Dutch and understanding knowledge of German.

Studies & degrees in: Finance. Marketing, and Economy


The company, a Málaga registered entity, is multi-national by nature through its employees. A great mixture of cultures speaking together natively more than 6 languages.

The structure is flat and counts a series of expert team leaders on their respective specialties.

Our Team Leaders, experts in their domains:




Software Team Leader

Arslan leads the software development team responsible for the Optima-CRM Business Suite.

Dedicated and skilled, yet pragmatic, he handles the impossible and is committed to the best results and always places the customer first.

Studies: License & Master in Information Technology

Languages: English - Urdu (and too many to mention computer languages)



CRM Consultant & Project Manager

Sol is our key player for Optima-CRM where she leads the support team and manages website integration projects.

Talk to Sol when you need answers or help to any issues you may encounter with our solutions.

Studies: Information Technology

Languages: Spanish - English



Web Development Manager

Azhar has a wealth in experience in both the website development area as the Optima-CRM technologies and processes, making him the ideal team leader for website integration projects built on Optima-CRM.

His positive attitude of getting things done improving things with every project, places our clients in the best hands posible.

Studies: License & Master in Information Technology

Languages: English - Urdu (and many technical languages)



Legal Council & Human Resources

Patricia handles all contracting related topics and keeps everybody legally in line. She is extremely good with paperwork as lawyer and Gestor Administrativo.

She also is responsible for all Human Resources related subjects and the go-to person for all our people.

Studies: Law, Gestor Administrativo

Languages: Spanish - English - Portuguese



System Administration Manager

Veaceslav, or Slava, is a pragmatic and experienced systems professional responsible for the complex hard- and software infrastructure at OptimaSys.

He handles all sorts of domains such as Unix based OS, web servicesa dministration and monitoring, hosting environments, system / services backup and restore management, virtualization support, versioning systems, securing connections, etc.

Studies: License & Master in Information Technology

Languages:  English - Russian - Romanian



Team Coach

Argi is our mascotte that reminds us everyday that life is full of joy, to play and smile at any moment, during every meeting and long project hours.

Studies: Observation Sciences, Eat-Play-Sleep-Repeat

Languages:  Woof