Company History


Roll-out of AML Platform over Europe


Initial roll-out of the Anti-Money Laundry tool for CEPI-members, the European confederation of real estate professionals. The focus will be initially on 4 pioneer countries, followed by the rest of the CEPI countries (currently 24 countries yet growing).


Once the roll-out is underway, initial adaptation will be made as to include the Americas and other parts of the world within the roll-out of this AML tool.


Compliance Roadmap for Europe


In collaboration with CEPI, the European confederation of real estate professionals, OptimaSys defined the forthcoming platform for Anti-Money Laundry (AML) with extensions such as GDPR for the Real Estate industry.


The project was approved on June 23rd 2023 by the Board of CEPI during their semi-annual international General Assembly that took place in Prague.


The project starts in 2023 and plans its initial rollout in the 1st quarter of 2024. The accelerated development timeframe is made possible thanks to OptimaSys' internally renowned platform Optima-CRM.


Digitisation Roadmap for Europe


In collaboration with CEPI, the European confederation of real estate professionals, OptimaSys helps real estate companies in 23 countries across Europe and through more than 30 real estate associations to define and deploy the digitalisation roadmap for the future.


As part of the digitalisation roadmap, several areas are being defined and best business practices are being combined. Examples of these areas include:

  • Real Estate Auctions: a platform to leverage the sale of properties faster and at a higher price, with minimal costs for both the seller and the real estate agency representing the seller.
  • Mortgage Auctions: digitalisation that puts the buyer in control of their mortgage application and where banks have to work hard to propose the most competitive mortgage solutions.
  • Visualisation solutions: simple but advanced solutions to create a brand in marketing materials and apply it to a diverse set of outputs.
  • Business Intelligence: innovative and flexible reporting data warehouse applied to Real Estate needs, combining data sources from different origins.


Furthermore there's the launch of our international Real Estate Portal.


International expansion


Overall growth in the European and American markets.


Rollout of Optima-MLS, the first international Multiple Listings System, including its own social media platform for communications between professionals. Optima-MLS is available as part of Optima-CRM as well as a standalone solution.


Major CRM Upgrade + further internationalisation


Optima-CRM gets a 9 steps version upgrade to the latest AngularJS 10 version. This introduces a series of improvements and innovations compared to any earlier version. Technical enhancements further greatly improve the behaviour and response times of the system. Additionally the entire CRM solution becomes the first Real Estate CRM to be 100% mobile friendly.


Continued expansion of our presence into countries speaking English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, French and Turkish.


CEPI: OptimaSys becomes the main Digital Technologies partner of the European Association of Real Estate Professions (CEPI).


Optima-CRM Business Suite


Optima-CRM Business Suite is launched including a series of world premiering solutions providing competitive answers for companies who want to set themselves apart from competitors and grow keeping steps ahead with new trends in Real Estate commercialization.


  • YoVendo: the first white-label "For Sales By Owner" solution for agencies.
  • Co-Broking: white-label platform for New Construction commercialization.
  • Alquilo-Yo: Mini-CRM for property owners renting their properties via agencies + by themselves, giving them more control over the process.
  • YoInvierto: a white-label investors platform enabling agencies to engage with the investors world.

Optima-CRM awarded Best Real Estate CRM worldwide


Optima-CRM wins the prize of Best Real Estate CRM worldwide by MirrorReview based on its innovative character and widest basis of real estate types and transactions. It ranks position 6 worldwide of all generic CRM solutions...quite an achievement fora young software!


Optima-CRM expands into 8 countries


Optima-CRM is now being used outside of Spain in various countries including USA, Arruba, UK, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Netherlands,...


Optima-CRM goes live


Optima-CRM launches withits first 5 pilot agencies in Spain, followed by a general availability 8 months later. Soon international clients join seeking for solutions not found before.


Start of Optima-CRM development


Development of Optima-CRM starts and is based on the gained knowledge from integrating more than15 existing Real Estate software systems. The strategic decision to build a solution that up until now didn't exist, follows the lack in the industry of comprehensive solutions made by and for Real Estate.


OptimaSys earns trusted partner status


Following integrating a series of Real Estate systems, building interfaces, and delivering 200+ pro-websites, OptimaSys gains the confidence of the Real Estate industry in Spain.


OptimaSys is born


Founder and CEO of OptimaSys, Geert Rillaerts, experienced in Real Estate investments and commercialisation, together with his career with SAP, the world's prominent business process integration software, starts OptimaSys with a clear vision of innovation, business processes and high quality.