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Optima-CRM is the award-winning Real Estate CRM at global level for its innovative character and its wide base of teal estate types and transactions.

Basis of Optima-CRM Business Suite.

YoVendo (Spanish for I sell) is the white-label solution that allows sales of properties between private individuals, but with the marketing help of agencies, opening a huge untapped market.

Part of Optima-CRM Business Suite.

Co-Broking portal is designed for (inter)national commercialisation of new construction projects without the expensive costs associated with attracting buyers from many local markets.

Part of Optima-CRM Business Suite.


Winning with Advanced Technologies

OptimaSys Group Spain:
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We deal with all kinds of advanced web technologies and specialise in innovative solutions and services for the Real Estate industry worldwide.

Our Optima-CRM was awarded the Best Real Estate CRM of 2018 by MirrorReview: read more


Digitalisation Advisor to Real Estate in Europe

As trusted digitalisation sherpa (consultant) to CEPI, Europe's most influential Association for Real Estate Professionals, covering over 24 countries and around 40 real estate associations within these countries, OptimaSys provides insights in the fast evolving digital space that the real estate industry is going through.

Find out for yourself why CEPI and its member-associations prefers to trust OptimaSys over any other technology company.

CEPI - European Association of Real Estate Professions

Geert Rillaerts (CEO OptimaSys) - Jan Boruvka (CEPI President)

CEPI & OptimaSys solidify Partnership

European Anti-Money Laundering

During the CEPI General Meeting in Paris on 1/12/2023, OptimaSys solidified the strategic alliance with CEPI to build and provide the first European Anti-Money Laundering (AML) tool to be used by the Real Estate professions in its broadest context. The solution is foreseen to be available second half of 2024, just in time for EU-reforms to AML.


Real Solutions for the

Real Estate industry

Global Presence of Multi-Cultures and with Multi-Lingual Support

Award-Winning CRM
For Real Estate

Optima-CRM Business Suite is an advanced & innovative world of Real Estate software including a robust CRM made for Real Estate & specilaised extensions.

Awarded Best Real Estate CRM worldwide in 2018 by MirrorReview for its innovative approach, advanced technologies and widest basis of Real Estate types & transactions. But we recommend to discover it yourself!

Digital Marketing

With over 500 pro-websites delivered, your new website will be original, refreshing, fast, and made for all visitors in advanced technologies.

Our expertise in SEO (organic ranking) and paid advertisement (Google Ads & Social Media campaigns) puts your website on the map to attract many relevant visitors, month after month and at an affordable price.

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All your questions answered within the shortest possible time and in your own language. We do reply to all your queries no matter time or day it is.

Our technical and functional teams are ready to answer you via phone, email, an interactive Tickets system, and even via chat. You matter to us...and you will feel at ease with the best service available.

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