Advanced Web Technologies & Digital Marketing

OptimaSys Group Spain S.L. is a Marbella-based Full-Service Online Marketing & Web Technologies company offering end-to-end solutions for all your Online Marketing & Web Technology needs.

Our multilingual team understands your culture and markets where we deliver results and not just promises.

These are the three main pillars of our business:

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Innovative Web Software

Custom solutions made-to-measure for our clients, built in the latest technologies creating unique advantages for our business customers so they can run their business in a more competitive way.

Vertical solutions for specific industries like Customer Relationship Management for the Real Estate sector. An excellent example of this is our revolutionary Optima-CRM for Real Estate, Powered by Dow Jones, a truly professional solution and one in its kind, offering all the latest compliance tools, functions & processes that run state-of-the-art Real Estate businesses internationally. It is also the only CRM for Real Estate that actually delivers a holistic approach of all required functions, combined with the integration of Dow Jones’ compliance solutions.

Besides solutions for Real Estate, which is however a large part of our business, we also have built custom solutions and innovative online sales engines for the fashion distribution industry, lawyers offices, events management, clinics, and many other industries in various countries in Europe. Thanks to our multi-national structure, multi-cultural organisation and multilingual staff, we can handle just about any geographical and cultural environment.

web technologies

Advanced Web Design & Websites

Applying new and far advanced technologies where we build websites in thin client technologies such as AngularJS, a far advanced Javascript environment that opens very exciting possibilities, with unseen speeds to navigate without any delays, which is great in an ever more growing mobile devices market too.

We deliver true alternatives to the feature-riche WordPress sites (which we keep developing for clients who prefer this technology), with our own developer Content Management System (CMS) driving content from within our own developed Javascript-only environment.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in the coding of most technologies, and remarkably strong at building interfaces (API’s) and plugins for existing systems. System integration and websites combined gives us an edge over the grand majority of website builders.

Adding to the fact that we are also a true digital marketing company, all our websites are built with organic positioning in mind as having the best website technology in the greatest design is simply not good enough to win in today’s and tomorrow’s digital world.

web technologies

Digital Marketing

Marketing now is mainly focused on getting your brand and messages out to your target audience that mainly is influenced by online information, and very often on-the-go using their mobile devices. As with traditional marketing, there is no one-medium approach to reach the full marketing potential required.

Our team is in the first place a marketing-driven group of professionals who understand the needs & cultures of the target markets. We apply the relevant techniques and use the most appropriate vehicles to bring across the desired messages, measuring our performance as to constantly improve and redirect our efforts to an ever-changing environment.

We focus on the organic positioning of our customers’ sites applying Search Engine Optimisation techniques. SEO is complicated where we apply the skills and knowledge of a mix of experts as to maximise our customers’ investments with measurable results.

We establish online growth by an impactful social media approach where we create, optimise and manage social media accounts, with content from our professional writers who do their research and produce original and topic-relevant content.