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At OptimaSys lives a young and dynamic spirit with a multi-cultural flavour among its team that currently counts 25 professional in diverse locations around the globe.

Being part of the team means that you can deploy and grow your competences with the support of team players who keep high above all the common goal of the company as it directly benefits each individual making it possible since the start in 2009 to keep growing and improving in all services and solutions being delivered, time after time again.

If you believe that you would fit in such a team, we encourage you to contact us today and tell us why you think you can become a great asset to OptimaSys.

Why Choose OptimaSys?

OptimaSys is an established company that has earned its position in the market by delivered consistently value-added solutions and services to its clients in various countries. Its commitment to deliver constantly high level services and expertise in diverse industries, has made OptimaSys the preferred choice of some of the most successful small and midsize companies driven by innovation and equally high-end services to their clients.

It’s refreshing to be part of a young and dynamic team, consisting of no less than 10 different nationalities & cultures, all with one common drive: growing OptimaSys to the next levels with a positive and proactive commitment.

Solutions are reinvented continuously and staying steps ahead of its competitors which result in all-round innovative service and solutions. Representing such dynamics and innovation is very inspiring and feeds constructive progression in all areas of the company. Such facts have a direct impact on dealing with our customers who see us as leaders and innovators in the market to which they turn for advice and assistance, resulting in long term solid relationships.

OptimaSys management believes that hard work and positive results need to be rewarded accordingly. This is why OptimaSys offers very competitive and at times lucrative compensations to reward the people exceeding expectations. No matter which role someone has, they can excel and earn the recognition corresponding to their success.

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Besides sending us your resume, we value very high if you take the time to tell us WHY you believe to be the person we are looking for. Actually a strong motivation often is more valuable than a beautiful curriculum!

Telemarketing Executive

This is a part-time position where you work with lists of potential clients who you further research to pre-qualify. The pre-qualified list you then call based on specific scripts with the objective of raising interests in learning more about our services (no selling). You’ll be compensated based on initial success raising interest as well as for the quality of the connections you made when our sales staff succeeds to solidify a commercial agreement with them.

Required languages:
English / Spanish (additional languages a plus)

Position code: TME-1

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Sales Executive

In this role, the self-employed sales consultant preferably is already active in the Real Estate sector where he/she has built up contacts and understands the needs of managing a business in a highly competitive environment. The solutions to be commercialised include our innovative Optima-CRM solution, websites in high-end technologies, digital marketing solutions, etc.

The candidate will be trained on the products and services to be well armed when contacting potential clients.

Required languages:
English / Spanish (additional languages a plus)

Position code: SER-2

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