Projects at OptimaSys

OptimaSys is besides the owner and operator of SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions, it's mainly a projects-operated company in the Real Estate industry space.

Types of Projects

  • Website design, development & integration into Optima-CRM
  • Digital Marketing projects
  • Software development projects
  • Software integration projects (API's...)

Projects commissioners

  • Real Estate businesses (agencies, promotors, builders,...)
  • Internal development
  • Digital marketing companies
  • CEPI: OptimaSys is Digital Sherpa since 2020 for the leading European Association of Real Estate Professions

Major projects in progress or ongoing

  • European Anti-Money Laundry solution for Real Estate for CEPI and the European Union
  • European Registry & Certification (MMCEPI)
  • Auction Immo: international Real Estate Auctions platform for TB Auctions (largest European Auction House)
  • New Construction Promotions Portal in collaboration with Capston
CEPI - European Association of Real Estate Professions

Digital Sherpa for CEPI

OptimaSys is the trusted advisor, consultant and development partner to CEPI, the leading European Association for Real Estate Professions.

In this role, OptimaSys assesses the current and future state of digitalisation for all types of Real Estate businesses globally, and guides CEPI's members implementing new solutions for their members.

Real Estate businesses and associations can follow the future of their profession via the communication channels offered by CEPI.



OptimaSys created the platform to streamline all Real Estate Auctions worldwide to be organised by Troostwijk / TB Auctions via its renowned Optima-CRM solution.

The way Real Estate transactions happen are also changing and via the method of auctions, any property, new or not, are being sold to often an international audience, within a matter of weeks instead of many months. The technique of 'auctions' is applied yet they are not really the auctions as known from bank-possessed problem properties. It's rather a very effective and safe way to obtain committed buyers in a much faster and economic way than the traditional route.

Find out how also your business can thrive through Auction Immo.

AML immosurance


Anti-Money Laundry laws exist for quite some time yet they are barely being applied correctly. In the EU, it's estimated that only less than 10% of Real Estate businesses are compliant. To tackle this issue, a revision of this European law is being completed and rolled out on 1/1/2025.

To enable compliance to this law, which is changing from being a Directive to a Regularisation this year, OptimaSys was contracted to develop and issue the first European Anti-Money Laundry tool, which is expected in the last quarter of 2024. This initiative, both driven by CEPI and the EU, will enable businesses to comply and avoid legal issues with serious financial consequences.

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